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Wordle and Threes combined.

Website | Github | February 2022



A website for generating random ASCII tablature.

Website | Blog | April 2018

Quake Timer

Quake Timer

A Windows app to manage cooldown timers for the game Quake Champions

Github | Blog | June 2018

Ray Tracer

Ray Tracer

A ray tracing program using only the Go standard libraries based on the book Ray Tracing in One Weekend.

Github | January 2018



A responsive Snake game written in TypeScript. Playable on any device.

Game | December 2016

Haiku News Bot

Haiku News Bot

A Twitter bot that posts one news headline matching the haiku syllable pattern every hour.

Twitter | Blog | July 2017

Huge Google Map

Huge Google Map

I made a web scraper to assemble a huge Google Map, then printed it out to track my city exploration with physical pins.

Blog | March 2017


Minesweeper clone

A simple minesweeper clone using the HTML DOM and vanilla JavaScript. Playable on any device.

Game | Github | December 2015

Pomodoro Timer

Pomodoro timer

A pomodoro timer in vanilla JavaScript.

App | Github | September 2015

Color Quiz

Color quiz

A web game to train your Hex and RGB color code recognition. Playable on any device.

Game | July 2016


Folder comparison tool

A small folder comparison utility for Windows.

Blog | Github | Download | June 2016


Wikipedia table scraper

A Python program that scrapes data tables from Wikipedia.

Blog | Github | May 2016

Platforming Demo

Platforming game demo

A tiny platforming game demo in JavaScript. My first experiment with real-time browser-based game design and collision detection.

Game | Github | October 2015


Suitify - Windows Phone mobile wardrobe app

A wardrobe management application in C#. Won first place in the 2012 Association of Information Systems (AIS) Windows Phone App Competition.

Press | May 2012